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In-Office Whitening Procedure



Before beginning the whitening procedure, the dentist usually starts with an examination of the patient’s teeth to assess their condition and determine their suitability for whitening. Following this, the teeth are often cleaned to remove surface deposits and food residues, ensuring better contact between the bleaching agent and the tooth surface.


Gum protection


Application of bleaching gel

 Once the teeth are prepared, the dentist will carefully apply a high-concentration bleaching gel to their surface.


Multiple cycles

The procedure may be repeated several times, depending on the initial condition of the teeth and the desired level of whitening. The dentist carefully monitors the process to ensure safety and effectiveness.


Final finishing

After the procedure is complete, the dentist will carefully rinse the gel from the tooth surface. Sometimes, a fluoride gel may be applied to reduce tooth sensitivity and protect the enamel.


Take-home whitening kits

Home teeth whitening with splints is gradual, using lower concentrations of the active ingredient, and at the same time less aggressive for dental tissue.
Whitening with splints is a longer process, but the final results are several shades of whiter teeth and uniform color.

What is included:

Intraoral scan

Individual whitening trays

Syringes whitening gel (2 x 1,3 mL )

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